Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4

In addition, Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4 powerful new 2. Workflow and integration enhancements Much-needed production features, such as keyword-searchable timelines and projects and nested composition navigation that shows hierarchy in a graphical flowchart format, have been added Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4 this new version. In keeping with the overall application integration touted in the other CS4 updates, you can now export rich media from After Effects to Flash CS4 Professional while Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4 retaining layer and keyframe data for further editing. This means a project you create in After Effects CS4 will transfer all the layer and timeline data over to Flash for further programming and video production for online distribution. This new version also improves asset management and copyright tracking by letting you add and maintain XMP metadata throughout your After Effects projects from start to final render. Mobile-device authoring has been integrated into the workflow, complete with multi-device previews for most popular phones and PDAs. Import Photoshop Extended 3-D layers For the first time, you can import 3-D layers created in Adobe Photoshop Extended or apply effects like distortion or other filters over time. Using the new Unified Camera tool, you can animate cameras around these objects, and apply lights, effects, and other 3-D layers. However, the lights will only illuminate the object as they would any other 3-D plane: Even deeply nested files are now visible in the Project panel. Instead of having to select each layer in the Timeline and use keystrokes to reveal specific transform or effects properties, such as Position, you can now enter the word position in the QuickSearch box and all layers in that composition will reveal only their Position properties. In addition, all of these enhanced interface features make working on a Wacom Cintiq tablet much easier, without the need for continual Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4 commands or pull-down menus for repeated tasks, which further speeds up the production process by keeping your focus on your project. You can now export projects and compositions as layered projects XFL files that you can then import into Flash CS4 Professional and edit with all their properties. FLV, PNG, and JPG source footage files need no further Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4, and animated transformations such as scale, position, and rotation are preserved in the layers and can be further edited in Flash. Other media files and layers with attached effects are converted to Flash-compatible file types. This powerful 2. There is a bit of a learning curve for Mocha, and there are times when the built-in tracking and stabilizing features in After Effects are actually more appropriate to use not to mention easierbut what Mocha does do to complex tracking and stabilization of footage is amazing. You can copy and paste tracking data from the clipboard or save that tracking data from Mocha to a text file for later retrieval for tracking or applying the Corner Pin effects in After Effects. These meet the current needs of motion graphics professionals by addressing some important issues, such as raw content creation and reducing the need to make multiple effects and masks on layers to achieve certain stylistic results. Below are some of the new ones: Cartoon Effect This simulates the effect of a cel painted cartoon animation to your live action video footage or animated compositions. Turbulent Noise Effect This effect simulates clouds, fog, smoke, fire, light rays, plasma, and more. Using fractal-derived noise, it can create some stunning natural effects beyond the more common particle effects. This effect alone can replace several standard particle effects you may already be using, and will allow you to create your own stock background elements library. XMP metadata There is now an improved workflow for asset management and tracking, copyright and royalty management, and project management from source materials to the final product. Song or image file copyrights, for example, can pass through the process and incorporate into the final composed video or Flash project.

Which Should I Buy After Effects CS4


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