Where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software

If the mood strikes we might hop in a Jacuzzi, Google an answer, use Q-Tips to get out where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software gnarly earwax, go for a Jet-Ski or Xerox a document. Of course, we know that all of those are not a specific products, but rather, trademarked name brands that have become synonymous with their products. Well, instead of tracking a single point a planar tracker such as mocha Pro v3. We can define the entire surface of the building in mocha Pro by drawing a spline shape around the exterior shape of the wall and beginning a track.

We may also add a spline to track the door or another surface in the shot to improve tracking results. This tracking data can then be used to composite the text onto the building. Similarly, you could track parts of a face to add a Mike Tyson-esque tattoo, or perhaps an electronic device like a phone or tablet if you were looking to replace the screen contents.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination … or project scope. Creating multiple splines to define more than one tracking surface improves accuracy to the point where the need to worry that blurred motion or quick camera moves will wreck a track are nearly eliminated. With point tracking, your blurs and fast movement will quite easily outsmart the tracker. To put it simply, planar tracking, done correctly, can yield much more consistently accurate tracks than a simple point tracker.

Mocha Pro v3. It is an object removing, camera stabilizing, lens calibrating, 3D camera solving dynamo. Fresh New Blend Version 3. Has its developers again pushed the tool to do more, with greater consistently and accuracy, all while becoming easier and more intuitive to use, or have they missed the mark?

This was as simple as opening the DMG file on a Macwhich shows where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software contained application. Even with activation, the installation on a MacBook Air took less than a minute.

Installation of the various mocha plug-ins all free either with After Effects or when mocha Pro v3. To get the most out of our time with mocha Pro v3. Where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software first test involved adding text to a moving object in a where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software.

In this case we wanted to add text to the hood of a car as it drove towards and past the camera. The shot had buildings on either side of the car, but we chose to add splines to different distinct shapes and planes on the car. We chose the grill, the windshield, and a side door.

For our second test we tried to remove an object from a scene. Where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software shot a bit of footage of a tablet, then stuck an Apple sticker to the back of the tablet. At absolutely breakneck speed, Mary deftly demonstrates how to easily remove the Apple sticker from the back of a tablet in our footage.

The Final Brew With the ability to create astonishing, consistent results, and deliver on a multitude of platforms, mocha Pro v3. Mocha is one of those rare pieces of software that has transcended the realm of mere third party application or plug-in to become as essential to a motion graphic designer or VFX artist as paintbrushes were to Michelangelo.

Or perhaps a better example would be a trowel to a bricklayer. The truth is that mocha has become a standard tool to an industry. Many of us see mocha as part of After Effects, or part of Autodesk Smoke.

Intel-based Mac running OSX Hardware requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent Memory:

Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro v3.1 - Single User (Upgrade from Mocha Pro v2.5)

DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities, all contents provided by. Apr 23, - To get the most out of our time with mocha Pro v we ran it through a of platforms, mocha Pro v is a professional-grade piece of software. Apr 16, - Imagineer Systems Releases mocha v3 - CGW explores how Final Cut Pro, Motion and Boris FX and is available for purchase directly from Imagineer Systems. Mocha Pro v3 is Imagineer's intelligent Planar Tracking utility for post companion software for managing challenging shots and projects.

where to purchase mocha Pro v3.1 software

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