Should I Upgrade to Chief Architect Premier?

I can also click on browse library and that's going to open up the SharePoint team site into document library where everything is happening. And at this point my group that may have started with just a calendar and just a simple files collaboration, we may grow 6 months from now to 23 members and maybe we'll need team news.

Maybe we'll need to jump to our Power BI work space and start looking at our BI dashboards, because Power BI is also associated to our Office 365 groups just like a SharePoint team site is.

So, this is all very, very exciting things. At least for me it is.

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Learn more about Chief Architect Software's newest features and upgrade to the latest version of Chief Architect Premier or Interiors today! QUESTION My Support and Software Assurance is current. How do I upgrade to the latest version of Chief Architect? ANSWER Upgrading to the latest Chief Architect version can be done by signing in to your Chief Architect Online Account, clicking on the Digital Locker: Downloads, Product Keys & License Management link, and then selecting the UPGRADE button next to your active license. Chief Architect Premier or Interiors – Software Rental. Chief Architect offers a Software Rental option for $ per month. If you make consecutive monthly payments for the rental term, you will then own the software license. For occasional users, the software rental can be stopped and started on an as-needed basis. Learn More.

Should I Upgrade to Chief Architect Premier?


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