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PC DiscFormat: Box Verified Purchase I wish I had read the reviews more closely before buying this product particularly the companion reviews of the regular edition Roxio Toast Usually I discount all the people who give low ratings for poor service as having just had a bad experience. In this case, though, I too have experienced the "unhelpful automated email response" bot.

Given the number of reviewers who've mentioned the poor service, it isn't just a couple bad experiences. Having used the product, I'm not surprised they've gone to automated response.

They must be overwhelmed with support requests. The product is a bundle of different programs each of which is shareware-quality. There's no coherency in the user interfaces. Much of the interaction with your media involves dragging things around from the Finder.

The "software update" process involves unzipping new applications and copying them on top of the old ones.

No smart auto-update. That said, the collection of "features" is impressive, even if not coherently arranged. I'll admit I haven't played with most of them yet. Performance seems reasonable, though when I accidentally hit "edit" for a Tivo video or try to browse through a bunch of Tivo videos with the Media Browser, it becomes painfully slow.

Instead each item is given a unique name which destroys the TV Show grouping in iTunes. When every episode appears as its own new TV series, syncing becomes very painful.

Further, if you've moved the location of your iTunes media say to an external drive , Toast can't tell and just puts it in the original location. Additionally, if you tell Tivo Transfer not to automatically transfer and instead click "Toast It" from within Tivo Transfer, then you're automatically taken to the DVD-burning section of Toast. This is rather painful given this is supposed to be a 1st-class feature of Roxio Toast In my experience, trying to "Stop" a conversion in process is hit-or-miss Also, if you set up Tivo to auto-convert, it appears there's no visible status of what is happening, so there's no way to stop.

In conclusion, for a product labeled "version 10" and "pro" it feels one step better than shareware, but if you need the features it may well be shareware worth buying I dutifully did as they suggested hoping there was a magic bullet there. Sadly it didn't help.

When I replied again, they responded with a general email about how to reset and restart all my Tivos. To make things worse, these boiler-plate emails spell "preferences" as "prefrences" and "MAC address" as "MAK address".

Roxio Toast 11 Software for Sale


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