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The reason for this limitation stems from the non-destructive nature of what you do to each layer. Non-destructive editing can be really cool, or it can frustrate you. They can be undone! Each layer carries a memory of what was done to it.

That said, Pixelmator Pro takes advantage of numerous macOS features, including Versions, which lets you move among previous saves with ease. I wound up launching Pixelmator Pro to do a lot of my photo work simply because on a inch iMac, anyway it launched instantly and ran like a cheetah. The latest version looks great on Mojave. The good news is Pixelmator Pro uses machine learning to help with selections, and you have a variety of ways to modify selections. Editing Tools Naturally, Pixelmator Pro offers the usual suite of image editing tools, like selections, painting, vector shapes including text , color and effect and warp tools, plus a suite of color and pixel repair tools.

If you adjust an image a certain way and want to apply that same series of adjustments to other images, you can save it and apply it later.

You can even drag these recipes to the Finder and share them with other Pixelmator Pro users. Instead of twiddling with a bunch of settings Pixelmator Pro intelligently analyzes the scene and does a great job of correcting colors. Photoshop seems to be lacking in this area. A recent update to Pixelmator Pro added Automator workflows to batch process images as well. Another Pixelmator Pro tool I started to prefer over the Photoshop equivalent was the machine learning-powered Quick Selection tool.

Which is better? Your mileage will vary depending on many factors. I found both to be adequate, but they often need a little adjustment. In both programs, you can add or subtract from your selection, and with Pixelmator Pro, you can subtract the overlap of two selections.

However, a single button in Photoshop lets you select a portion of the image and turn it into a mask. The repair tools in each application are a bit different in ways that are worth noting. In Photoshop, Adobe has been working for years on its Content-Aware Move Tool, enabling you to cut out a boat in the water and move it, leaving water in what would otherwise have been a big hole in the underlying layer.

It works pretty well and is just one of the repair tools in Photoshop. Others include a red-eye removal tool, a patch tool, and several different healing tools that let you remove stuff like wires from the sky by just painting. I also tried to remove the pink-shirted person in the background. Web Work and Other New Features in Pixelmator Pro Since its launch, Pixelmator Pro has gained a slew of features, but perhaps most notable are tools that appeal to anyone making Web sites.

Slicing tools allow you to carve up large images into smaller ones, making them easier to load on the Web. Pixelmator Pro boasts new advanced compression options, export presets, and a truly handy Quick Export tool that makes it much quicker and easier to wrangle Web images than in Photoshop. You can also customize the toolbar, see live previews, and select color ranges. As welcome as these new features are, Photoshop has had most of them for a while. Picking Your Pixel Pusher Change is never easy.

By throwing every imaginable feature into the mix, Photoshop has become bloated. Design prints or web layouts, banners, or buttons, add image titles and greeting card headlines. Use text to convey your message or to create artistic compositions.

With powerful and advanced typography features, you can now easily make your text look just as beautiful as your pictures. And make it look gorgeous with custom settings and styles. In addition to easily placing and formatting text, you can enjoy a full set of advanced typography features like kerning, baseline, and capitalization. Convert type layers into shape layers, and then quickly and easily apply gradients, shadows, and strokes, or even reshape individual letters. Enjoy a simple and elegant collection of handcrafted, intuitive, professional color adjustment tools.

The Hue and Saturation feature is an extremely powerful yet very easy-to-use tool thathelps you adjust the colors and tonal range within your images at the same time. This quick color correction tool lets you make simple adjustments to brightness and contrast.

Use the Color Balance tool to enhance the colors of your image or to create a unique and artistic look. Effects Play with inspiring effects. Pixelmator comes loaded with tons of breathtaking effects. Combine different effects for unique near-effortless artistic creations, and see the stunning results in real time. Create charming and authentic photos of days gone by with just a few clicks. Bring-in some sunlight and give your photos a stunning, warm, retro look with the beautiful Light-leak effect.

Make the world look smaller, simpler, almost like a toy model with the new Miniaturize effect. Easily turn any image into a stunning pattern of colors and shapes with the beautiful Kaleidoscope effect.

Instantly preview over inspiring effects in the Effects Browser. Choose the one you like and simply drag and drop to apply it to your image. Layers Build up the whole picture. Building gorgeous image compositions non-destructively begins with layers. With its easy-to-use Layers palette, Pixelmator makes managing layers super easy. Arrange their order, create layer groups, change blending modes, and customize other settings.

Twenty-seven blending modes come with painting tools and layers to help you boost the color of your images, create double-exposure effects, or beautifully enhance your artwork. The Layer Masks and Clipping Masks features give you flexibility to hide and reveal parts of your image totally non-destructively.

Customize the look of layer by applying non-destructive effects like shadows,gradients, outlines, or reflections to beautifully enrich your compositions. Watch Layer Styles video Use any of the gorgeous Layer Style presets to instantly enhance your images, or create your own presets for later use.

You can download more Pixelmator Team-designed presets here. Extensions For your Photos App. Pixelmator makes your Photos app a whole lot more powerful. So you can perfect all of your favorite shots right inside the Photos app. Retouch Extension Distort Extension Wipe away or clone objects in your image. Adjust the lightness and saturation in specific parts. Sharpen or softenjust the areas you want. And use any of the tools together to make all of your photos picture perfect.

Learn more Built from the ground up on Metal, Pixelmator Distort Extension lets you reshape images anyway you want, with stunning quality and incredible speed.

Without leaving the Photos app. Learn more Advanced Features Every pro will appreciate.

Pixelmator Software Prices Pixelmator Pro: How Does It Compare to Photoshop CC?

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Pixelmator Software Prices

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