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Lightroom and macOS Catalina Victoria tested earlier versions of Lightroom going all the way back to version 1, and included the results in her article. For example, in macOS This issue has come up in user forums, and I have seen it myself. Adobe Illustrator There are reports of Adobe Illustrator having problems connecting to the Mac desktop in Catalina, which means the Save, Save As, and Export commands are not working properly. We are on it. So far what we know is that it is impacting a few scenarios and not all users on Catalina. We are actively investigating it. If you are having this problem, email the address above, or go to the Adobe Illustrator Feedback page for this problem, where you can add your vote and comment: Much of it has to do with the new permissions requests that Apple requires when applications want access to certain folders in macOS Catalina may quarantine plug-ins The Adobe article above for Photoshop notes that you might see an error that plug-ins cannot be found or verified. This is because of new macOS security requirements, including that plug-ins need to be notarized and hardened.

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