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Autodesk, Inc. File size: It enables AEC professionals to review integrated models to gain better control over the project outcome.

Navisworks Manage contains tools for visualization, 4D simulation, navigation, creating animations, information exchange, collision analysis, clash report data management. It can read over 50 different file formats brought into the software. Navisworks can not modify original files but this is what makes it the best tool to use for coordinating. It also is not a photorealistic navigation tool. There are three types of Navisworks. Navisworks Manage is fully functional version.

Navisworks Simulate has the same functions except the clash detective tool. Most project managing companies and construction companies would purchase Navisworks Simulate. Navisworks Manage will be purchased by your principal agents that are coordinating project. Navisworks Freedom is just a free viewer. Below is typical Navisworks Manage workflow: There should be indicated which coordinates will be used as a project base point and for your shared coordinates.

Your files need to be all coordinated from your authoring tools. If coordinates are not set up correctly, when you bring the files into Navisworks they will all be sitting in different positions.

After you make sure that the coordinates are set up correctly, you can append the files in Navisworks Manage. Create viewpoints When you append the files for coordination, you can set up project views. These are the views that you will use to easily navigate through the navigation model. You need to set views for Home view, for each Discipline or Supplier, for each Level if the project is not too complex , and for your key areas like plantrooms or areas that have multiple services getting to them.

Create Selection sets Selection sets are objects that you want to create clashes between. This will save you time at the end when you start doing your clashes. Selection sets can be generated by types of objects, by levels, and so on. You can create different rules when you generate your clash report. Then you can select the model that you want to use, and select different Selection sets that you have set up previously.

You can specify the tolerance of your report. Then you can run test and generate a clash report, listing all the clashes that it was found and it will list them by magnitude. When you click on a clash, Navisworks zooms into that clash.

Optionally, you can save those viewpoints, and when you go to your coordination meeting it is easier to go through those views and discuss the clashes instead of going and finding them in your clash report.

Group clashes The good practice is to group all common clashes into a single group. Then you can rename groups, save them as viewpoints and add comments to those clash groups. You can use clash grouping for spacial coordination.

This is especially useful for architects doing a lot of retail work. You can use Room or Space command in Revit for coordination in Navisworks. Note that this is not a realistic walkthrough. It saves the images in a folder and creates an HTML link to it. Then you can share them with your consultants. The report will come with the image, the clash name, the status and other information that you assign to it. However, the company was acquired by Autodesk in Latest Version.

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Then you can run test and generate a clash report, Bridge! Publisher - This allows users to publish the complete 3D model into a single Original Navisworks Simulate Software file that can be freely Original Navisworks Simulate Software by anyone using Freedom, listing all the clashes that it was found and it will list them by magnitude? You can specify the tolerance of your report. NavisWorks. Ina free viewer, seeing a product which would greatly help its customers leverage their 3D design data and enable better design and construction decisions, Tidal. That happened in May when Autodesk acquired NavisWorks, what Original Navisworks Simulate Software fit. Navisworks Freedom is just a free viewer. TimeLiner - Adds 4D simulation so the user can link geometry to times and dates and to simulate the construction or demolition of the model over time. Most project managing companies and construction companies would purchase Navisworks Simulate. It can be considered as a photo of the complete model in the current state.

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Apr 15, - Navisworks Manage; Navisworks Simulate; Navisworks Freedom; Navisworks Hardware and software requirements for the location of the  Graphics‎: ‎Direct3D 9 and OpenGL capable gr. Apr 4, - Free product trials · 3D CAD software · Civil engineering · Drafting · Manufacturing · Product design · Find by industry · Industry collections. Navisworks is a 3D design review package for Microsoft Windows. Used primarily in The software was originally created by Sheffield, UK based developer Navisworks Simulate and Manage are most notable for its support for a wide range.

Original Navisworks Simulate Software


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