OEM Macpaw Hider 2

Server The licensing for Standard edition will continue to be processor plus CAL, with each license covering up to two physical processors on a single server, just like Datacenter edition. Essentials Essentials edition is ideal for small businesses that have up to 25 users and want to have a simpler, OEM Macpaw Hider 2 connection to cloud-based services. This edition enables you to run a single virtual instance of Essentials. The licensing for Essentials will continue to be a server license for a two processor server that does not require CALs. Foundation Foundation edition is ideal for small businesses that have up to 15 users and want a general purpose server. The licensing for Foundation has not changed; it continues to be a server license for a one-processor server that does not require CALs and is sold only through OEM original equipment manufacturer. FAQ Find answers to questions about features, licensing models, and determining which edition is right for you. How is Windows Server R2 licensed? Windows Server R2 will continue to have the same licensing model as Windows Serverwith two editions available in volume licensing: Standard edition and Datacenter edition. A single license covers up to two physical processors. Here are just a few examples: Enterprise-class virtual machine density, performance, and mobility with best-in-class performance and scale for Microsoft workloads High-performance file-based storage on cost-effective, industry-standard hardware with inbox storage virtualization and tiering Highly available, in-box hybrid networking for bridging physical OEM Macpaw Hider 2 virtual networks in a multi-tenant environment and across premises Protection and recovery of assets for all your workloads with simple and affordable disaster recovery options Flexible remote access to corporate resources from virtually anywhere and on any device while helping OEM Macpaw Hider 2 protect corporate information How do I determine which Windows Server R2 edition is right for me? Because there is feature parity between Windows Server R2 Standard and Datacenter editions, your decision will be based on your virtualization strategy, as virtualization rights are the only differentiator between the editions. If your strategy calls for a OEM Macpaw Hider 2 virtualized environment, Datacenter edition will provide you OEM Macpaw Hider 2 optimum flexibility because it allows for unlimited virtualization.

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OEM Macpaw Hider 2


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