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NewBlue Titler Live is a complete titling suite with social media titling templates, sports templates, and much more. Animate comments as they fly in or out. Upgrade to Social or Complete NewBlue Titler Pro mac add Youtube and Twitter. Updated, expanded, and improved Titler Live modules Versions: Express — Free with Wirecast Studio — Includes templates for many common titling needs. Does not include Title Designer. Social — Display social messages through high-end, animated designs from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Even poll your audience in real-time, displaying results graphically. Sport — Sports titles and graphics, scoreboards, integration with Sportzcast live scoreboard data sources. Present — Free with Wirecast Pro — Everything you need to title and produce live shows, events, conferences, church streams, etc. Complete — All the above for a complete titling solution for any event. For information on installing and activating the NewBlue Titler versions, click here. For Support for NewBlue Titler Pro mac NewBlue Titler application, click here. Click "Install" and enter your admin password to install the software and follow the instructions in the NewBlue Titler Pro mac Wizard The NewBlue Application Manager will open automatically, enter the password you created. For more information on upgrading to NewBlue v4, click here. Titler Live Social For Mac: Titler Live Sport For Mac: Titler Live Complete For Mac: Titler Live Broadcast For Mac:

NewBlue Titler Pro mac


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