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Judging from the Noodlesoft forums, there are many people who use Hazel far more heavily than I do, but it is no less important to my Mac setup. By automating what would otherwise be repetitive file management tasks, Hazel helps keep me focused on more important tasks. Today, Hazel 4 was released with new features and refinements that bring new power and convenience to an already exceptional app. Hazel resides in System Preferences as its own pane and works in a manner similar to the IFTTT web service, but instead of taking actions based on web service inputs, Hazel takes actions based on file attributes. The process for setting up a Hazel rule is reminiscent of building a Smart Playlist in iTunes. With over 20 attributes to chose from, each of which has several states that can be monitored, and a similar number of actions that can be taken, the permutations are seemingly endless. But the sheer complexity of the rules that could be created with Hazel also made testing rules difficult. Probably my favorite new feature in Hazel addresses that problem by introducing a live preview system. As you create a rule, you can click on the Preview button next to the file attributes you are testing and pick a file to test those attributes against. After you set up a rule, you can assess its performance by clicking the button with an eye icon at the bottom of the folder list, which opens a status log that lists the the rules matched for files in that folder and the dates they were matched. Hazel 4 also adds rule syncing. Your rules are bundled into a. You can designate your rules file as the sync file for other folders that you monitor with Hazel on the same Mac so each folder has an identical set of Hazel rules, or save your rules file to a cloud service and use it on another Mac that has Hazel installed so your rules stay in sync across multiple Macs. Also new to Hazel 4 is the ability to monitor and apply rules to files in Smart Folders.

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Hazel. Automated Organization for Your Mac. Buy Hazel Download Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according  ‎What's New in Hazel 4 · ‎Store · ‎On Mac OS X programming · ‎Support. Hazel requires a Mac running OS X (Yosemite) or later. System Preferences opens and ask if you want to install Hazel for the current user only (which. Hazel - Create rules for organizing and cleaning folders. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate.

Hazel 4 mac


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