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Aside from the time to download, installation takes less than five minutes. The program is stored in the Applications folder of your Mac. Oh… you guessed. The panel on the right contains settings for how you want to convert transcode your media. At the top are a collection of presets that allow you to quickly apply settings to all selected clips. You can either batch convert all the clips you imported to this one preset, or flag some clips as favorites and just transcode those.

In all cases, you are transcoding clips into the single, selected preset. This allows you to standardize names as well as formats. The conversion process is indicated by these three bars: Transcode is complete.

Partially-filled blue. Transcode is under way Empty blue. Transcode is waiting to start When transcoding is complete, the system notifies you.

It would be helpful if there was a way to dismiss this notification once it appears. However, like a young puppy, it just hangs around forever. This not only allows you to view the media clip, but key metatdata as well. A big, new feature of EditReady 2. While not a full-featured text editor, the Overlay Editor does allow you to create text or image watermarks, change the font and size, add a color background behind it, and precisely position where the watermark occurs.

Normally, I create watermarks in Photoshop. I really like the ability to position the watermark anywhere I want on the frame using this Editor. Using this same window, you can also burn-in a wealth of other metadata, as you can see from the screen shot above.

Video overlays are not displayed in the Preview window, you need to transcode a file to see them. You can modify metadata on a clip-by-clip basis or for the entire batch. In fact, you can: Add metadata Burn metadata into the video Remove metadata Change metadata by clip or by the batch The metadata section is very nicely thought out.

Why did you create EditReady? We saw the market was moving toward a much wider pool of cameras shooting in many formats, and shoots were more and more likely to mix and match footage from multiple cameras. We wanted to make a tool that could tame some of the mess of working with multiple different cameras on the same project.

So we chose the place users are most likely to realize a strong benefit from a tailored workflow. For some productions that will happen in the field under the supervision of a DIT. Even more projects are a single person changing hats. The transcoding and metadata tools in EditReady can help normalize multiple cameras into a commonly tagged bin of clips, which intercut seamlessly in any NLE, and load into any asset management tool.

At the moment, we have bit QuickTime codecs annexed in a background process. Those will continue to work as long as Apple loads bit frameworks.

We are in the process of transitioning those formats to our ffMPEG fallback. If all goes well, it should be a seamless transition for our users. As your appendix states, you are using ffMPEG libraries in the software. Has this given you any grief and should users worry? What FFmpeg does allow us to do is offer support for new cameras that ship with unique variants of MPEG-2, H or HEVC based acquisition codecs significantly sooner that other apps waiting for Apple to add native support.

You can take a single file and convert it to multiple formats by switching back to the settings tab after starting a batch. You can also open additional windows to start multiple batches that target different output presets or file paths. EditReady intelligently manages multiple queues to ensure that we maximize system resources, since some hardware components like the H.

You are right however, the primary use case is quickly and easily converting many clips into a standardized mezzanine codec. If you give the app a try and have a specific request for your workflow, or need support for a specific camera on your production, drop us an email. We pride ourselves on our customer support and being quick to add new camera support. In most cases, EditReady outputs QuickTime. The results I looked at were as high a quality as other compression software and the interface makes using the program straight-forward.

If standardizing your media, file names or metadata are important to you, checking out the free trial for EditReady should be on your To-Do list. EditReady, from divergent media Tim.

Product Review: EditReady, from divergent media

EditReady is designed to use all the power available on a modern Mac. It can even leverage the power of your graphics card for fast image processing.‎Trial · ‎Support · ‎Avchd · ‎Buy. EditReady can also generate high quality proxy media, so that you can take all of . you will also have the option to select "same as source" (In Mac OS X Jan 27, - EditReady is published by divergent media, an independent Installation is straight-forward using a Mac standard installer that you've used.

Divergent media EditReady mac


EditReady: Overview

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