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It takes just 2 minutes to get without having any task. Read at the last of this article to know that. What is Ashampoo Privacy Protector? Ashampoo Privacy Protector is a creative security solution.

You can easy Protect your privacy with Ashampoo Privacy Protector. It is quite easy and it will ensure your privacy. It is PC software solution tools. It scans the computer and displays. You will be discovered problems on its main window, allowing users to clean them with only a few mouse clicks. It is easy to use. You will get maximum security for your private data and information.

Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers very easy, but at the same time advanced ways to protect any confidential files with just three easy steps. First of all you should select those files or folders that you want to be encrypted; it is very easy to do that because the program is designed in the Windows Explorer style.

In the second step the program offers to select an output folder for storing encrypted files you have the possibility to choose the default folder provided by the program or change its location and some additional settings, namely, you can create a self- extracting archive, compress files, wipe files before deleting them, and so on.

The third final step is very important because here you can secure your files with the password. Ashampoo Privacy Protect offers three different ways to encrypt files- by entering a strong and reliable password it should be noted that the program displays password strength in real time, i. Thanks to the most advanced and reliable encryption algorithm AES , it is practically impossible to break security defence and get access to sensitive data.

Encrypt and Burn— Ashampoo Privacy Protector allows you not only to encrypt files and then store them on the local drives, but also burn encrypted files directly to the disks; it supports all types of optical media such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and even so called M-Disks that, thanks to unique surface technologies, provide long-term safety of data. The process of creating encrypted disks does not practically differ from the above mentioned method; it is the same.

Simply in the final step you should select the disk writer installed on the system and specify the writing speed. That is all! Nobody will be able to access it without entering the right password even after years. Encrypt and Mail— in addition, Ashampoo Privacy Protector allows you to encrypt files and send them via email.

All you need is to have installed any email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc. After encrypting and compressing files, the program will send them to specified recipient address. Decrypt Data— of course, with the help of Ashampoo Privacy Protector you can not only encrypt files, but also decrypt them.

The process of decrypting is very easy, just browse for the encrypted file, unlock it using a password, password file or security USB key and, finally, specify the output folder. Delete Data— hard drive is one of the most important components of any computer where we keep the great bulk of different files and folders, for example, text files, photos, videos, etc. Deleting data using Windows in-built tools not provide their real destruction because this information is fairly easy to recover with the help of special tools.

Therefore, just for this reason, Ashampoo Privacy Protector offers a very useful tool called Delete Data which allows you to wipe out confidential files from the system permanently. Thanks to advanced wiping algorithms, the program overwrites files with random values making them practically unrecoverable even using the most popular applications.

All you need is to select files to delete and click Next. The moment you install and launch Ashampoo Privacy Protector, it provides you an option to run the system cleaner.

Then, the privacy protector checks for different privacy violations. Later on, the privacy protection software displays cookies, Cache, history, most visited pages, bookmarks, and form data in different colors. With the help of this privacy protection software, users can encrypt their data using AES encryption. It also has the M-Disc support to provide you with a long-term option for data archiving.

Moreover, this software provides maximum protection even without passwords. As you can use any of your files or images as password keys. In addition to this, you can also use flash drives as master keys. Apart from these features, users can also find and eliminate revealing data traces from your system.

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The free version does not feature a bandwidth limit, but you have to be aware of the fact that it disconnects every three hours and it is also limited to only one Windows device. Every day we do a lot of work on our computer. Deleted data cannot be recovered. Step 6: Use existing files and images as password keys Delete sensitive information completely and permanently Find and eliminate revealing data traces from your system Note: But we are giving you this software free for one year with the license key. Ashampoo Antispy for Windows 10 This free software lets Descarga De Software Ashampoo Privacy Protector configure security settings, disable location services and prevents Windows 10 from sending diagnostics and usage data to protect your privacy. You can delete personal information completely.

Descarga De Software Ashampoo Privacy Protector


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