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Use layers to turn off or on different elements, like framing. Camera views can be named, edited, saved, and copied. Use 3D Settings Controls to adjust the display options and settings. Isometric View Tools View designs from any of the eight standard Isometric viewing angles. Export Render Views at a resolution of up to x Use the View Direction Tools to quickly set the view to top down, left side, right side or bottom angles.

Walkthrough Tools Create detailed walkthrough recordings along paths that you can save and share in standard video formats. Add key frames at any point Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing the spline to control view direction and speed; walk up or down Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing and to span walkthrough between floors. Custom Backdrops Import images from building site, or use a generic scene, to add realistic backgrounds to your renderings.

Set up saved cameras to leverage different backdrops to show different scenes for different cameras in the same project. Display Shadows on Elevations Turn on shadows in vector elevation and section views to display lighting effects and shadows for overhangs and other architectural elements. Photo Realistic Ray Trace Rendering Ray Trace rendering uses multiple core processors with lighting and materials that can be set for photo realistic rendering.

Preview ray trace renders as they refine and iterate image quality; export the image at any time or define the total ray trace duration. Pause and resume Ray Traces and queue multiple scenes for processing. Export common image formats for presentations and marketing use. Create renderings Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing exhibit similar detail as real photography. Enhanced control of ambient light within Ray Tracing.

Adjust the amount cut away Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing the model. Back-Clipped Cross Section views control the cut distance generated for a cross section. Cross Sections can also be clipped at the sides to control the width of view. Select and edit, delete, resize, or move objects. Automatic Labels in Elevations Generate schedule callouts and labels for windows, doors, cabinets, and other items in Cross-Section and Elevation views.

Show Cameras as Callouts Easily set up view callouts directly from the camera object. Add callout labels and descriptions; callouts remain when sent to layout. Automatically Populate Camera Callouts with Layout Page Information Choose to include layout page label in camera callout second line text. Callout information automatically updates if layout label is changed. The drawings can be scaled and printed at any size.

All views are linked to the original model reflecting any updates you make. Reorder the Layout pages dynamically. Create templates for Layouts with borders and title blocks. Set up multiple Pages per Layout File Pages Create multi-sheet documents within a single layout file to organize entire professional designs. Advanced Layout Editing Edit line views sent to the layout, rescale views sent to layout, re-link views on the layout to reference different files.

Reshape Views Sent to Layout Like other Polyline based items, add breaks and curved edges to Layout viewports Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing control cropping of their display on a layout page. Current Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing last revision can be displayed using macros. Layout Page Macros Create macros for page label, automatic page numbering, title, description, and comments for individual layout pages. Macros move with pages as they are edited and re-ordered. Control Layout Template Pages Specify multiple Template pages in a Layout and assign individual pages to reference a template.

Saved Plan Views Create and save multiple plan views similar to saved cameras. Edit the settings in your Plan Views from the Project Browser through a specification dialog; choose to save or ignore Zoom Size and Floor Level with saved plans.

Rename cameras, view multiple projects at once and easily access their details. Multi Select Views to edit, activate, or delete views from the Project Browser. Design Structures with multiple Floors 30 Floors Excludes attic and basement or foundation.

Insert new Floors or levels between existing floors. Plan Templates Start projects from pre-defined Plan Templates or create your own. Start and stop the Time Tracker.

View, edit, and export a time log, and add notes for each project. Time Tracker automatically re-starts with you as you work in a design. Plan Database tool Create a plan database to organize your plan portfolio. Plan Check tool Provides a review for basic room egress, roof, wall layout, and more.

Use Rotate Plan to change the orientation of the floor Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing on your screen. R-Value Controls Specify Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing for walls, floors, ceilings, and platforms.

Space Planning Assistant Drag-and-drop room bubbles and arrange them before converting them to walls.

Provides a quick way to lay out rooms that adjoin the project to illustrate how the completed project would look. Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing https: Rooms Room Defaults Control initial behavior by specifying default values like ceiling height, style, moldings, wall covering, floor materials.

Define room attributes by room type. Custom Room Definitions Create and specify room types to customize the available rooms list to suit your most Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing needs and regional naming conventions.

Living Area Calculation Specify which rooms should be included or excluded in the living area calculation. Room Label Dimension Format Defaults Define the display of the dimensions supplied with a room label.

Edit units, fraction or decimal display and other settings much like standard dimension formats. Use these layers to add dimension details and define floor coverings, finishes, and sub-layers.

Floor Material Region Tool Create floor inlays and other floor finish configurations without room boundaries. Raised Floor Platforms Specify raised floor platforms that are automatically framed. Reshape the polyline as desired and attach multiple molding profiles. Designate sizes for each profile and specify its height off the floor.

Room Polyline Automatically generate a polyline derived from the room's perimeter. Use the polyline tools to generate a Materials List, view the area, or convert to a molding, slab, and other custom options. Room Polygon tool Create a Room automatically with pre-specified dimensions in different geometric shapes.

Room Divide Tool Create separations of rooms without walls using the Room Divide Tool; great to differentiate flooring for rooms.

Wall Styles include interior, exterior, railing, pony, half Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing, curved, angled, raked, stepped. All styles are customizable with unique layers. Custom Wall Types Use controls in the Wall Type Definition dialog to easily edit wall assemblies, set materials, and define individual properties of each wall layer.

All the Wall layers calculate into the Materials List. Half-Wall tool Draw half walls and specify their default values also known as solid railings. Include wall assembly layers and control them just as you would a standard wall. Wall Material Region Tool Design wall areas specifying different materials and assemblies.

Wall Niches Create recesses in walls like a shower niche or wall display. Define the niche depth, casing, arch, Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing other attributes similar to windows. Railing Tools Interior Railings Only Specify interior and exterior railing styles with unique attributes like newels, balusters, panels, materials, handrails, and heights. Control the size and shape of panels, balusters, railings, shoe, and more Railing Over Solid Wall Generate Pony Walls with a railing as the upper wall type.

Pony Walls Create walls with different upper and lower types. Control wall caps, window and door display, dimensions, framing, alignment between floors. Adjust the height of individual Pony Wall pieces. Glass Wall Tool Use the glass wall tool to quickly draw a new glass wall via the wall parent toolbar. Multiple Framing Layers in Wall Create wall types with multiple framing layers and automatically generate framing for both layers; ideal for furred basement walls. Partition Walls Use the Partition attribute to specify construction to surfaces of the surrounding walls and platforms instead of cutting through to structural layers.

Control Wall Connection Layer Intersections Manually control wall intersections by dragging the intersecting wall to snap to a specific layer of another wall. Define stepped foundations with vertical footing control. Wall Align tool Align walls on another floor individually or group selected. Toggle the floor reference to see through to the floor above or below. Continuous Wall Draw mode Right click to enable continuous wall drawing mode - speeds up wall draw time.

Set default size and material attributes. Control Moldings per Wall Specify whether a wall has moldings attached separately from the other walls in an associated room.

Adjust drawers, face frames, doors, styles, shapes, shelves, moldings, backsplashes, appliances, countertops and more. Use a specification dialog to define and customize your cabinets.

NKBA approved software for professional certification testing. Cabinet Brand Catalogs Cabinet catalogs include door and drawer styles, colors, wood species, and accessories that can be attached to parametric cabinet tools. Define Cabinet Defaults Control the initial behavior by specifying default values - define, colors, sizes, doors and drawer styles, moldings, materials, countertops, hardware, and several other attributes for the cabinets as you begin a new design.

Show Cabinet Doors Open Use layers and controls in the cabinet dialog to draw doors and drawers open in 2D and Chief Architect User Reviews & Pricing views.

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