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For a Professional experience we recommend at least doubling the specification above for these configurations. Installation Capture One It is recommended to migrate images from 4. It is generally recommended that you only install one version of Capture One on any single computer.

A single-user license allows up to three activations on computers that you own or of which you are the principal user.

The license can Capture One Pro 7 buy key used with both Windows and Mac platforms. Multi-user licenses are also available from the Phase One Online Store or from your retailer. Please read the release notes carefully before you install Capture One. Install on Windows To install the software please follow the procedure below: Run the executable software install file.

Read and accept the license agreement presented. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. NET Framework 3. Open the Capture One disk icon.

Drag the Capture One icon to the Applications folder. Open Capture One from your Applications folder. Manual update to latest version It is important to keep Capture One software updated. Installation from a CD version may need to be updated.

You can also schedule an automated update if desired. Open Capture One from your applications folder. A product dialog opens. Select the product from the choice of four options. Type in the license code in the field provided. Type in the email address you used, or would like to use, to set-up your Phase One Account and select Get Profile.

If you have registered previously, you will be asked for your account password. After verification, the rest of the form will be filled in for you. If you are a new customer, please fill in the rest of the form. Complete Capture One Pro 7 buy key process by selecting Activate. Your software is now ready for use. Troubleshooting Try Capture One Pro 7 buy key of the following resources if you are experiencing any problems with the software: Visit www.

Offline activation Capture One Pro users with computers that are permanently offline e. Note that the process still requires an internet-enabled device e. Open Capture One on the offline computer that you want to activate.

From the Activation dialog, type in in your license code. This will generate a Registration Key. Copy the generated Activation Key to the offline Activation dialog on the offline computer, and press Activate.

Deactivation To deactivate Capture One from a computer, an internet connection is required. The application will return to Trial Mode once deactivated. When the trial period has expired all current and pending processing will be cancelled. You will need to reactivate Capture One Capture One Pro 7 buy key continue working with it. Press the Deactivate button. Capture One Pro 7 buy key that you want to perform the deactivation.

After deactivation, you can reactivate Capture One on another computer. Registration Register your license to authenticate your installed software. Registration will allow full usage of your Capture One version. The Online registration automatically registers your license key. When this is validated, it will be kept alongside with information on your computer platform, ID and IP numbers. Phase One keeps all information confidential, according to EU law and international standards.

For more information on the license, please read the License Agreement. The registration of the software will create a personal profile on www. How do I register my hardware product? Attach a camera and a dialog box will automatically open and ask if you would like to register your product. Can I change my registration? It is possible to change the priority and even remove the registration completely. Select the Digital Back that you wish to change updating priorities on.

Rearrange by using the arrows icons. If a digital back is removed completely you will have the option of re-registering it the next time you connect the back to Capture One. Did you find this article useful? How can we improve it?

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Items 1 - 23 of 23 - KEY FEATURES. Image Processing and Raw File Conversion; Instant Tethered Capture and Live View; Layered Workflow and Annotations. Items 1 - 21 of 21 - Key Features. Image Processing and Raw File Conversion; Instant Tethered Capture and Live View; Layered Workflow and Annotations. Capture One Pro 12 Upgrade Styles Multi-user licenses Students. Bonus - FREE upgrade to Capture One + cameras supported including Fujifilm and Sony.

Capture One Pro 7 buy key


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