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This is where you control when your backup should run. Buy True Image 2017 mac os area is pretty self-explanatory. Backup schemes This area is where you setup how the backup should be created. In here you have a number of so called schemes at your disposal. These schemes determine how the backup compares your data and how the files are being saved. A couple of schemes are pre-configured for your convenience and the way they work is nicely explained by a little animation right there in the scheme selection area.

These two schemes are the: Single Buy True Image 2017 mac os scheme Version chain scheme The next couple of presets are probably the most commonly used and apart from their initial setting you can modify those to fit your particular situation.

These are the: Incremental scheme Differential scheme The last option is the custom scheme where you can setup all the previous schemes manually as well as your own preferred backup behavior. The difference between the incremental and differential backup scheme can be difficult to understand at first. My written ATI review contains a lengthy explanation of the differences, but my ATI video review and tutorial is probably my best attempt at explaining the difference.

Disk imaging A more advanced, but no less awesome, feature is the disk image feature. This is one of the core features of Acronis True Image This is an important term to know when you work with Acronis True Image. The reason is mainly that this feature is, in fact, no longer called a disk image within the program. Instead it now goes under the terms: Added to that, it attempts to back up all the files that it can access locally, from USB drives and from network drives.

I will describe the pitfalls of this feature in depth in the article mentioned below. I will link to the article here when it becomes available. Clone disk Clone disk is a tool that you use when you need to copy your main drive to another HDD. This was an issue in ati and ati as well which adds to my surprise.

The progress bar behaves in a similar way and simply jumps ahead to indicate wrongly that the backup will finish momentarily. However, since I use ATI all the time, I know how long my backup jobs are running and I consider this to be a surprising, but insignificant shortcoming. Buy True Image 2017 mac os Cloud integration As I have also mentioned in my Acronis Cloud review earlier, I think the cloud workflow is somewhat confusing at first.

For some reason you quickly end up with a bunch of browser tabs and you even need to sign into Buy True Image 2017 mac os cloud even though you access Buy True Image 2017 mac os cloud from your local Acronis True Image which is a bit annoying.

Since Acronis is clearly capable of programming software you would think that it would be possible to create a centralized online experience that you can use from one browser tab.

This would suit the product rather well. Mobile backup At the time of writing I was unable to back up the contents from the memory card Buy True Image 2017 mac os my phone.

I will test this feature with other smart phones as soon as possible and keep you posted on the results. I would have liked to be able to access the files in my local mobile backup from the computer itself.

Conclusion I am really impressed with the Acronis True Image release and I can recommend the program without hesitation. I believe that it even warrants an upgrade from ATI This will also help you maintain your upgrade capable status. There is still room for improvement in a couple of places, but all in all I think this is a convincing and strong program release that will help you or your company by keeping your valuable data safely secured.

Pros Crisp professional looking new design Fast user interface Cool mobile to local backup feature Excellent price vs.


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