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We have been an industry leader in high quality digitized quilting designs for computerized quilting since Today, we proudly offer more than unique designs divided into easy-to-navigate category pages. This year, the digital pantographs and digitized motif section seem to be the two most active categories on the site. We also have a large amount of digitized borders, corners, and sashings that have quite a few modern and geometric patterns to choose from.

Before you leave, take a look at our small but growing selection of digital point-to-point patterns currently available on the site; they are useful little designs that can be used for so many applications. We are always trying to expand our inventory with new, unique designs, but we understand that sometimes you just need something we don't have, or that anyone has!

If you're interested in custom digitizing for your quilting project, you can simply ask us with a message on our contact page. What's new for you? We have been proud to introduce a few new categories that allow you to expand your pattern library faster and cheaper. The Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software of the Day and our Smart Buys are both great ways to expand your design library quickly, but what many people REALLY love about Intelligent Quilting are the bonus freebies we give with purchases and our wonderful discount sales.

Be sure to check and see what digital designs are Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software sale or what current promotions are running often, as it changes weekly. We carefully analyze and digitize each and every new design to meet a high standard we have set for ourselves and all of the designs available on the site.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope you enjoy the experience. Digital Quilting Design Specialists Gammill Statler Stitcher users can be assured that every pattern on the site will stitch out cleanly and easily, without any trouble, on their Statler quilting system. The fact is, our digital downloads include file formats for every system type we support so there is no need to specify your machine type when Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software.

We have included. GPF files for Quilt Path with all designs sinceand will happily convert for any older patterns you purchase absolutely free.

In. QCC for Butler owners - these new stitch file types and embroidery formats are available by request as well. We have an extensive collection of digitized Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software quilting patterns for Statler Stitcher, IntelliQuilter, Quilt Path, HandiQuilter Pro Stitcher, and other computerized quilting systems.

We include 14 different stitch files in every digital pattern download Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software well as a. Just contact us so we can convert it for you.

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Buy Official Stitcher Unlimited Software

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