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Buy now Memory is problematic enough that we felt that it needed a dedicated tool. Performing more tests on more of your memory with more control, ATOMIC is the most powerful and customizable memory tester available for your Mac. ATOMIC is a dedicated memory testing program that can detect problems with your memory by using a wide variety of memory testing techniques. By changing the data in your memory using these patterns, common errors can be detected before they occur. The Tests Stuck Address — On the first pass, this test writes the address of each memory cell to that cell itself. Checkerboard — This test makes four passes. The first writes a pattern different for each run. This checks for adjacent bit sensitivity - a situation in which addresses other than the one being modified are affected. Extended March C — This test uses a complex algorithm consisting of six passes through memory. The final pass may travel either direction, verifying that the last write was successful. This test detects address faults, coupling faults, stuck-at faults, stuck-open faults, and transition faults. Random Values — This test first writes a series of random numbers into memory.

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Jun 13, - ATOMIC - An extensive system memory tester. better functionality (according to, uh, Micromat) than what's provided in TechTool Pro. Jun 13, - From Micromat: That's why Micromat has developed ATOMIC - advanced memory tester for Macintosh. License Model, Purchase. Micromat Atomic purchase. extrusion tool Extended Available now less than half a day. It's seamless in errors with inline markup as you type. Micromat Atomic.

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