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If you have not yet collected any references, doing a topical search within a specific database i. PubMed, Web of Knowledge is a better way of searching the literature. The "Choose a connection" box will open. Choose the database to search, then enter your search terms.

You can choose whether to load all or some of the references as long as you have the "online search mode" icon clicked in the upper left. They will be downloaded into your Endnote library. Entering References by Hand The most basic way to enter a reference is by typing it in, but this method is discouraged since it increases likelihood of errors. Save the reference by closing the record and returning to the reference list. Select the references for which you want to find full text. Right click and select: Find Full Text — Authenticate.

Read and accept the copyright warning statement. EndNote will begin searching through both freely available materials and Penn State-licensed resources to find the full text. You can watch EndNote tally the progress on the bottom left side of your library. Sometimes EndNote cannot download the pdf, but will provide a link to the resource. This assumes that the license holder is the only person using EndNote on these computers. An example of this arrangement is a license holder who has a work computer, a laptop for off-site use, and a home computer.

Online purchases of the download by default do not automatically receive a CD. You can copy the downloaded file to a CD and create your own archival backup. For information about backing up to as CD, see here. Can I convert the demo version into the full version of EndNote? Yes, you can convert the demo versions of EndNote X4 and above to the full version. You can do this even if your demo has expired. If you purchased an upgrade, you'll also be asked to enter the serial number of your previous version.

Students can visit our Educational Webstore at http: EndNote X1 and later use a character alpha-numeric Product Key to verify installation. This is different from the numeric Serial Number used in the older products. Though versions of X1 and later do still have a serial number it is not used for installation. If you purchased an 'Upgrade' version of EndNote you will have to enter the serial number of the previous version of EndNote after you've entered your Product Key of the current version.

Tips on locating the EndNote product key X1 and later: Product Box: The product key is on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve. DVD Case: The sticker with the product key and serial number is on the case under the CD itself.

Paper DVD Case: On the reverse of the paper disc case. The Product key, sometimes called the "Unlock code" is in the email confirmation. Serial Number: The serial number will be in the confirmation email you received if you purchased the download version.

For older versions of EndNote, the EndNote serial number should be on the inside cover of the Manual that came with the program. The Windows serial number begins with the number 5, the Mac serial number begins with the number 2. You can upgrade to the latest EndNote version from any previous version. As mentioned above, you will need the serial number from a previous edition to complete the installation of the new version.

With EndNote X7 Thomson Reuters introduced product key cross-platform compatibility, meaning that anyone who buys a Windows copy of EndNote X7 can also use their product key on the Mac version and vice versa.

Please note; X7 for Mac is not due to be released until at least July , so this will only apply after that time. Versions of Endnote prior to EndNote X7 are locked to their individual platforms. The upgrade version of EndNote is a fully independent installer which does not require a previous version installed, though you will need your serial number from the previous version as mentioned above.

If you do have a previous version installed, we recommend that you back up any existing EndNote library files and any customised output styles, connection files, and import filters, close all open programs, and then un-install any older versions.

Once any older versions have been un-installed, run the new EndNote installer. What do I need to know when upgrading from version 7 or earlier? EndNote versions 8 and later have a new library structure which is not compatible with EndNote 7 or earlier. More information on this can be found in this FAQ. EndNote 8 or later should be able to convert any library from an earlier version of EndNote.

You may want to use the "Recover Library" command on your library before upgrading to EndNote 8 or later to ensure that the data in the library is cleaned up.

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