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The installer lets you select only drives that are either empty, formatted drives, or that have the client or server version of Mac OS X Time for a cup of coffee. A progress window appears, telling you that it is downloading components. The Mac restarts when this step is finished. Another dialog appears, telling you that it is installing software.

You are done. Otherwise, continue on to register your software and make migration selections. Click Continue. License[ edit ] Snow Leopard is available as an upgrade for Intel-based Macintosh computers. Single-user licenses and "family pack" licenses for up to five computers are available. For qualifying Mac computers bought after June 8, , Apple offered a discounted price through their "up-to-date" program provided that customers' orders were faxed or postmarked by December 26, There are three licenses available.

Leopard Upgrade: If you have purchased an Upgrade for Mac OS X Leopard license, then subject to the terms and conditions of this License, you are granted a limited non-exclusive license to install, use and run one 1 copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-branded computer as long as that computer has a properly licensed copy of Mac OS X Leopard already installed on it.

Single Use: Subject to the terms and conditions of this License It is not entirely clear which license is offered with the retail version of Snow Leopard. On the other hand, some Apple press materials appear to indicate that this version is, in fact, the "Single Use" license: New or changed features[ edit ] Mac OS X Snow Leopard is intended to be a release aimed to refine the existing feature set, expand the technological capabilities of the operating system, and improve application efficiency.

Many of the changes involve how the system works in the background and are not intended to be seen by the user. For example, the Finder application was completely rewritten in the Cocoa application programming interface. Despite significant changes in the software, users will experience almost no changes in the user interface.

Snow Leopard includes the following changes: Released on version The new version also adds support for advanced features on Cinema Displays and a new command-line version of the Startup Disk Control Panel. Address Book Server is a new way of dealing with the problem that networked contacts can create. But LDAP is really not suited for the kinds of things a lot of companies want to do nowadays. First, LDAP is read-optimized. But it was not designed to have hundreds or thousands of users modifying it throughout the day.

Even years later, CalDAV support is still missing from Outlook--the biggest groupware client on the planet--and the state of many other CalDAV clients, like Sunbird is not good for non-technical users. Mobile Access Server is a way to provide secure access to common internal services like Web, e-mail, calendaring and contacts, without having to set up full VPN access or create multiple VPN profiles.

Users can then connect, securely, to those servers without having to start up a separate VPN client first. True, you can set up all those services with SSL, and connect securely, but this provides you with a layer between critical servers, like your e-mail server and the public Internet, always a good idea. For anyone trying to provide simple secure access and dreading having to deal with VPN clients, Mobile Access Server could be a good answer.

Buy & Download Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server

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