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At first glance, and from a distance, the original scan may not look too bad but if you look closer, you can see some of the problems. For example, lines are skewed, there are markups obstructing the geometry, and there are specs and smudges making look dirty.

See the examples I have listed below. The entire drawing is slanted right. Before image correction There are speckles all over the drawing from the scan process: Before image correction And there are handwritten notes that need to be removed: Save, Save, Save After each step in the sections below I hit save.

If you make an image modification, a dialog box will pop up asking to save the image. I always click save here. Referencing the Image to the Drawing To get started, I convert the scan to a. Check out my previous post on Raster Design for details about these tools. Step 1: Hit the drop-down menu and click the Deskew button. Once the command is executed, specify a base point. This point can be anywhere in the drawing. Next, the command will ask you to Specify source angle.

I identify the longest line in the drawing that needs to be orthographic. Then, for the first pick-point, I click an endpoint on that longest line , and then I pick an endpoint on the other end of the longest line. I typed in 90 for my destination angle, and this rotated the whole image and corrected the drawing skew. See my previous post on Raster design for more details about fixing image skew. Step 2: All of our shops use the South African Post Office or reputable couriers to deliver goods.

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Autodesk AutoCAD Raster Design Compare Deals & Buy Online

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